Enterprise Document Management

Document Imaging

Perceptive Content (aka ImageNow) goes beyond traditional, document-scanning approach to provide a foundation for collecting and/or retrieving, organizing and securing enterprise content.  This can include items such as email, electronic files, multimedia, XML and hundreds of other formats in addition to scanned documents.  The system will allow departments to do the following:

  • Capture various types of content from multiple sources
  • Enable immediate accessibility to users within the context of a business process
  • Consolidate information in one repository and synch it with other technologies such as Banner and 49er Mart.


Workflows within Perceptive Content allows departments to intelligently incorporate captured documents, videos and other content into the flow of business and potentially re-engineer or transform inter-departmental and intra-departmental processing.  Workflow software unlocks the ECM system, distributing information anywhere it’s needed across the University. Sophisticated workflow products also automate processing steps, simplify work tasks and provide real-time monitoring to optimize any document-based business routine.

Workflows lets you automate, track, and easily change your daily operations and business processes by routing a document through a business process from start to finish with a customizable set of options. You can add a document to workflow, route it, respond to alarms and messages about the status of your items, and process it by, for example, viewing or annotating it. With almost any task in workflow, you have more than one way to complete it. Choose the path that best works for you.


eForms allow for the replacement of paper forms by capturing data directly through user input.  E-forms technology augments the capture strategy of a process and content management system, enabling the online entry and collection of raw data in electronic forms that are accessible from web pages, mobile devices, portals, software applications and more. Customizable forms promote flexibility and ease of use so employees, customers, even non-system users can complete and submit information one time.

Content collected in e-forms is validated, stored, organized and secured independently, enabling you to route it through workflow, and apply version control.  eForms can assist in the following:

  • Shift from paper forms to online eForms
  • Optimize business processes by using data to automate steps and update other business systems
  • Enhance workflow using collected forms to route information intelligently
  • Store, organize and manage forms independently 
  • Share captured forms data with other business systems