DocuSign Overview

DocuSign is a nationally recognized leader in the field of eSignature providers. It allows users to electronically route documents and gather signatures using any web browser. UNC Charlotte DocuSign use is for University business only. Customized templates can be created by the Imaging and Workflow team by submitting a detailed description and any existing PDFs to the Help Desk.

For questions regarding the legality and security of eSignatures via DocuSign please visit the following:


DocuSign Basics

  • Access DocuSign using the following URL:
  • All NinerNet accounts are able to create and send documents through DocuSign using their NinerNet credentials.
  • Do NOT use your alias email account as it will not work. Do NOT use as it is an alias.
    • For example: (CORRECT) vs. (INCORRECT)
  • DocuSign eSignatures are recognized by Federal law as legally binding.
  • To request a DocuSign Powerform be created, submit a Help Desk ticket with the request details and sample PDF or other document.
    • Powerforms are designed for users who use the same form repeatedly and/or on a routine basis.
    • These forms can only be created by the OneIT Imaging and Workflow team.
  • Additional support documentation for DocuSign is available via the FAQ website.